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LOCATION: 543 RT. 32 Highland Mills, New York
MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 30, Highland Mills, New York 10930
PHONE: 845-928-6770 EMAIL:


  • Tuesdays - 2-4PM
  • Thursdays - 7-9PM
  • Saturdays - 10:30AM - 12:30AM


  • President - Neil Crouse
  • Vice President - Sandy Hawthorne
  • Treasurer - Herman Galberd
  • Secretary - Robin Crouse


  • Linda Burroughs
  • Sheila Conroy
  • Fred Kronk
  • Fred Lindlaw
  • Arlene Maher
  • June Menkins
  • Nancy Simpson
  • Donna Weyan
About us


Our Beginning:

A conversation on the corner

Many a great accomplishment began from a glimmer of an idea. The Woodbury Historical Society had its beginnings in just such a manner.

The year was 1983. While standing on a corner in Woodbury, engaged in a casual conversation with Murray and Roslyn Duberstein, Margaret (Peg) Kirk mentioned a desire to start a historical society in our town. That wish was enthusiastically greeted and supported by the Dubersteins and a core group of interested citizens who organized a meeting to get things started.

Our Founders

From this general gathering, a Steering Committee to establish the Woodbury Historical Society was formed. The Committee’s first meeting was held on Monday, June 27, 1983 at the home of then Town Historian, Isabelle Babcock. In attendance were: William Avener, Isabelle Babcock, Sheila Conroy, Murray Duberstein, Margaret (Peg) Kirk, and James Seaman. Much research and work had to be done to prepare all the documents needed for submission to the State in order to form the Society.

As they say, the rest is history. This proud organization can trace its beginning back to a conversation on the corner.

(Document on file at the Rushmore Building)

Our Charter

The University of the State of New York Board of Regents provided the Society’s first provisional charter in December 1984. The Society was granted it’s permanent educational charter in April 1998.

First Board of Trustees

Fred D. Adams Mary A. Cromwell
William R. Avener Richard Haylock
Isabelle C. Babcock Kathleen K. Mickey
Louis R. Burgunder George W. Paul
Sheila Conroy James C. Seaman

Historical Society Facilities

The Society began because of a growing need to preserve, protect and educate Woodbury residents about their Town’s history. Today, this history is housed in two buildings:

The Rushmore Memorial Library


The Gatehouse Learning Center

(See Web page on the Center for more about this interesting building)

The Woodbury Historical Society remains committed to collecting and preserving the history of Woodbury. We thank community members for their continued dedication to furthering documentation and preservation of historical data for future generations to share and enjoy.

The Rushmore Memorial Library Building

The building in which our collection is housed was built as a library in 1923 by the family of Charles E. Rushmore. Yes, this is the same family for which Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota is named. (Drop by the building for more information about this fascinating connection. It is a story worth hearing) .

The structure was designed and built by a local doctor, Howard Gregory, on land purchased from Harry Adams. The building has diamond-shaped windowpanes in leaded mullions. Its fireplace is made of uncut stone with a plaque over the mantle that contains a poem written by Jean Rushmore, daughter of Charles and Jeannette Rushmore. The exterior walls are puddin’ stone, a local conglomerate rock with a distinctive pinkish color that was used frequently for construction in this area. The roof has red terra cotta tiles that give the building a Spanish look. The built-in shelving and molding are made of solid and stately chestnut.

Important dates for Rushmore Memorial Library

1939: Mrs. Charles E. Rushmore deeded the library to

Highland Mills Common School, designating it

The Rushmore Memorial Library in memory of her

husband who died October 31, 1931.

1951: Building transferred, along with Commons School

District property, to the Monroe-Woodbury

School District.

1953: Library was legally annexed, funded by Monroe-

Woodbury School District & chartered to

service the area.

1956: Building transferred back to the Town of


1958: Name became Rushmore Memorial Public

Library. It was used as the Town’s public library in

Highland Mills.

1986: Became the office of the Town Historian and

home of the Woodbury Historical Library.

The library is the research and archival center of the Historical Society. Volunteers staff the building during posted hours:

Tuesday: 2:00- 4:00 P.M.

Thursday: 7:00- 9:00 P.M.

Saturday: 10:30A.M.- 12:30P.M.

Appointments can also be arranged. Please feel free to contact us to do research or to donate materials. We can be reached at 845-928-6770.

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